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2012 Omaha Go Red for Women Expo -- September 18, 2012

Joel Schlessinger recently donated to the 2012 Omaha Go Red For Women Expo. This event, sponsored by the Methodist Health System, was created to dispel the myths and raise awareness about heart disease, the number one killer of women. This event provides emotional, passionate and social initiatives to empower area women to take charge of their health.

Joel Schlessinger donated a gift certificate for a BOTOX or Dysport treatment for the silent auction. All money that the silent auction accumulates will go toward education resources on heart disease and women’s health.

Past funds donated have impacted women in the following ways:

Joel Schlessinger MD donated to the 2012 Omaha Go Red For Women Expo

  • Over 2 million women have taken the Go Red Heart CheckUp to assess their personal risk of developing heart disease
  • Over 200,000 healthcare providers have received crucial information about their patients risk of heart disease
  • Over 900,000 women have joined the Go Red For Women Expo to receive information that will help improve their health.

As a board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Joel Schlessinger knows how important it is to ensure that your heart is healthy. He supports this cause and finds it to be a pertinent part of all women’s health.

The 2012 Omaha Go Red For Women Expo will take place on September 18 at the Embassy Suites in LaVista. To donate to this cause, visit their website here.

Joel Schlessinger MD donates to the University of Alabama Children's Hospital Foundation

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Pediatrics has been treating children for over 40 years. Recently, Joel Schlessinger MD has lent his support to the hospital by donating to the UAB children’s hospital fund.

Joel Schlessinger treats children with skin conditions daily and is a strong supporter of research and development in children’s health care. As a medical professional, he supports the UAB children’s hospital and its dedication to treating children with the best in medical standards and technology.

The UAB pediatrics department has been ranked one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals, serving thousands of children and their families every year. From general pediatrics to critical care, the children’s center is continuously expanding and developing new methods and technologies to treat children.

The UAB children’s hospital is also dedicated to research and development and has recently added ten new pediatric specialty departments to the hospital. Each department strives to continuously integrate advanced technologies and innovations into their practices to treat patients.

Joel Schlessinger’s donation to the UAB children’s hospital fund will allow the hospital to expand and continue their research so they can maintain the best health care for children possible.

Donate to the University of Alabama children’s hospital fund here.

Joel Schlessinger recently made a $50 donation to the OneWorld Community Health Centers‘s annual Milagro Dinner.

OneWorld Community Health Centers is a non-profit organization that provides quality health care to people who may fall through the cracks due to their economic status. This empowering organization helped more than 22,000 individuals in over 89,000 encounters in 2011.

The annual Milagro Dinner is a special event that recognizes outstanding volunteers as well as raises money for the future of the organization.

Joel Schlessinger is a strong supporter of non-profit organizations and particularly those that impact the health care industry. As a board certified dermatologist and pediatrician, Joel Schlessinger feels strongly about easily accessible health care for all people.

The donation made by Joel Schlessinger will help raise money for OneWorld Community Health Centers so more people can have access to quality, culturally respectful health care.

All donations are welcomed – donate to OneWorld Community Health Centers here.

Jane Fonda made a recent appearance in Omaha in support of the acclaimed non-profit Film Streams cinema, home of the Ruth Sokolof Theater, where Joel Schlessinger is a board member.

Jane Fonda was interviewed by Oscar-winning and Omaha-native Alexander Payne who also serves on the board of Film Streams. The event, called Film Streams’ Feature IV, helped raise proceeds for Film Streams as well as provided valuable discussion on film.

Joel Schlessinger, his wife Nancy, and his parents, Bernie and June, attended the event and met Jane Fonda.

Joel Schlessinger and his family are large supporters of independent film in Omaha. They have served on the advisory board and the education committee. Learn more about their involvement in Film Streams here. 

What’s your favorite independent film?

Joel Schlessinger recently donated to the Transplant Games of America, a get-together of organ donors and organ transplant recipients. He received the following thank you letter from Michael Paulson, a Transplant Games of America participant:

Dr. Schlessinger,

Thank you so very much for your generosity in donating to Mike and Team Nebraska. The team had an amazing time at The Transplant Games. Thank you for your support! We sincerely appreciate your donation.

Thank you!

Michael Paulson 

The Transplant Games of America took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan this past month. Read more about Joel Schlessinger’s donation here.