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Joel Schlessinger & family donates to The Omaha SymphonyJoel Schlessinger and his family recently made a donation to the Omaha Symphony for the 2012 – 2013 Annual Fund.

Donations like this one made by Joel Schlessinger and his family help support the Omaha Symphony and its mission of service. The Omaha Symphony gives the gift of concerts, education programs and community partnerships to thousands of people throughout the Omaha metro area.

Besides donating to the Omaha Symphony, Joel Schlessinger is also on the Board of Directors for the symphony. Through the guidance and commitment of the directors, the Omaha Symphony is guaranteed a healthy and enterprising future.

Joel Schlessinger has been deeply involved with the Omaha Symphony for over 20 years. Learn more about Joel Schlessinger’s involvement here.

The doctor and his family are large supporters of the arts. They have also made past donations to organizations such as Sweet Adelines International and Film Streams.

You can also contribute to the Omaha Symphony’s Annual Fund either as an individual or as a corporation. To donate to this educational organization, click here.

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Joel Schlessinger and family donate to United WayDr. Joel Schlessinger and his family recently made a donation to the United Way of the Midlands to help build a stronger community in the Omaha area.

United Way of the Midlands is a non-profit organization that helps provide opportunities to members of area communities. This organization believes that all people deserve a quality education, a stable job, good health and steady income to support their family through retirement.

Through various community programs, United Way of the Midlands supplies education to children and youth, promotes financial stability programs and independence, and improves people’s health.

In 2008, the national United Way organization initiated a 10-year program to cut the number of high school dropouts in half, get 1.9 million working families on the road to economic independence, and increase health among youth and young adults and help them avoid risky behaviors.

With donations such as the one made by Dr. Joel Schlessinger and his family, these goals can be succeeded. Dr. Joel Schlessinger and his family received a very nice hand-written note in response to their donation.

“Donations such as yours make a positive change in the Omaha area and United Way thanks you for your generosity. Your gift ensures a stronger community for future generations,” said Deb Steele, a member of the United Way of the Midlands.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger and his family have donated to many other organizations that help those less fortunate pursue education, stable jobs and steady employment. One such organization is the OneWorld Community Health Center, a non-profit organization that provides quality health care to people who may fall through the cracks due to economic status.

Have you donated to the United Way before? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

Joel Schlessinger MD and LovelySkin staff organize a toy drive for the Nebraska Children's Home SocietyJoel Schlessinger MD and the LovelySkin staff worked hard this season to spread holiday cheer to the children at the Nebraska Children’s Home Society in Omaha, NE. With the help of LovelySkin staffer Josh Barnes, Dr. Joel Schlessinger, his wife Nancy and the staff organized a toy drive to donate gifts to the children.

The Nebraska Children’s Home Society has locations across the state of Nebraska that provide safe care to children of all ages. The organization offers a foster care program, early childhood programs and pregnancy, parenting and adoption services.

“I thought the toy drive was a great idea when Josh brought it to me and Nancy,” Joel Schlessinger MD said.

In honor of the organization’s commitment to creating a safe and fun environment for children, the LovelySkin staff decided to spread holiday cheer by participating in a toy drive for children at the center. Throughout the season, Joel Schlessinger MD and the staff donated toys, clothing and supplies to be donated.

Some gifts were collected for specific children while others were donated to the center to be given away to families and children in need. The gifts were collected and placed under the tree at the LovelySkin Retail Store before being delivered to the Nebraska Children’s Home Society offices in Omaha.

Joel Schlessinger MD enjoys spreading holiday cheer and continues to support local organizations who are dedicated to improving the lives of others, especially children. In the past, Joel Schlessinger has donated to organizations such as Camp Discovery, Completely Kids and Urban Arts Partnership.

Learn more about the Nebraska Children’s Home Society here.

Joel Schlessinger makes donation to Baylor College of Medicine 1985 Scholarship Fund
Joel Schlessinger recently made a donation his alma mater, Baylor College of Medicine. Joel Schlessinger received his MD from Baylor College of Medicine in 1985 before continuing his education in residency programs at the University of Alabama and Barnes Hospital.

Baylor University is a private Christian university located in Waco, Texas that is a nationally ranked research institution. With more than 15,000 students, this vibrant campus community has an international reputation for excellence in teaching and scholarship.

This donation made by Joel Schlessinger will help generate scholarship awards to students in need. Joel Schlessinger has also aided his other alma maters, including interviewing potential students for Brown University and donating to the alumni association of the University of Rhode Island.

How do you help your alma mater? Share with us in the comments.