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Joel Schlessinger donates supplies to Heartland Family Service

Organizations that support children and families are especially important to Joel Schlessinger.

In the Omaha area, there are many organizations that strive to provide care and support for struggling individuals and families. One organization, Heartland Family Service, continues to grow as a leader in the community. Their services, including counseling, educational programs and emergency shelters, provide care for a wide range of individuals and they continue to expand their programs.

To help them provide the best care for struggling families, Joel Schlessinger has donated basic skin care necessities to the organization to be distributed to the families.

Donations from individuals such as Joel Schlessinger allow HFS to continue their work.

HFS is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1875 and serves over 36,000 individuals in the Omaha area every year. This non-profit has grown over the years and now consists of 16 locations that serve individuals of all backgrounds, incomes and ages. They continually strive to empower individuals and families through support, education and counseling.

People struggling with a variety of issues can find help at HFS. This organization helps families affected by poverty and homelessness, teens struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, victims of domestic violence and children removed from unsafe homes. Individuals can stay at various emergency shelters or become involved in programs designed to support and educate them.

Joel Schlessinger’s donation of skin care items provides basic necessities for individuals who are helped by HFS.

To give back to this impressive organization, Joel Schlessinger donated products such as body wash, makeup and other skin care basics. These products will be given to men, women and children who are staying at the shelter as well as those who participate in the beneficial programs at HFS.

To discover the programs available through Heartland Family Service and to learn how to support this organization, visit their website.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger contributes to a successful ALS golf tournament

Dr. Joel Schlessinger donated sunscreen for participants in the ALS golf tournament fundraiser.

Thanks to Dr. Joel Schlessinger, the participants in the ALS in the Heartland Bob Hohn Memorial Golf Classic received top-notch protection against the hot summer sun. Dr. Schlessinger donated 250 samples of EltaMD sunscreen to the golfers to be used during the annual fundraiser.

The Bob Hohn Memorial Golf Tournament is held each year to raise money for ALS in the Heartland. This event brings together families and individuals who are dedicated to providing services to those affected by ALS. This year, the tournament was held on Friday, June 28 in Omaha. Read more about this event on Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s blog.

Thanks to donors such as Dr. Joel Schlessinger, ALS in the Heartland continues to serve families in the Omaha area.

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects thousands of people in the Nebraska and Iowa area. Patients require care, support and other services that ALS in the Heartland helps provide.

ALS in the Heartland is a non-profit organization that provides services to individuals and families affected by ALS. They also provide education and information about this disease to spread awareness and raise support to fight this disease.

Find out how you can support this organization by visiting their website.