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Joel Schlessinger MD and his staff participate in their second toy drive for NCHS

For the second year in a row, Joel Schlessinger MD and his staff donate to the Nebraska Children’s Home Society.

Each year, Joel Schlessinger MD, his wife Nancy and the staff of LovelySkin and Skin Specialists look for ways to spread holiday cheer to the people of Omaha. This season, the staff participated in their second toy drive for the Nebraska Children’s Home Society, an organization dedicated to creating a safe and fun environment for children in the Omaha area.

For the past month, the staff has been gathering items to be donated to the NCHS this holiday season. Donations include toys, art supplies, gift cards and other items the organization can present to children who come to the centers throughout the city. All of these items will be given directly to children as gifts for the holidays.

Joel Schlessinger MD and his staff support NCHS’s mission to create strong, healthy families.

The Nebraska Children’s Home Society provides services for children, parents and families of all backgrounds and social statuses. Individuals and parents can take classes about child safety and parenting techniques while receiving counseling services. Families can also receive free information about foster care and adoption services.

To encourage healthy relationships with others and the communities, the NCHS also has several community and neighborhood-based services that provide a fun and safe environment for children of all ages. With several locations, NCHS is able to provide these services to communities across the state of Nebraska.

To learn more about this organization and how you can support them, visit their website.