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Fontenelle Forest

Joel Schlessinger is happy to support organizations like Fontenelle Forest that make Omaha more beautiful. This year, he has donated a LovelySkin Spa gift card to Fontenelle Forest’s annual benefit, Feather Our Nest, on April 24, 2015 at the Omar Bakery Building.

Fontenelle Forest provides unique opportunities for people of all ages to experience nature.

Fontenelle Forest, located just south of Omaha, is one of Nebraska’s largest deciduous forests. The park’s long history of preservation and conservation began in 1913 when it was first officially formed by area scholars and businessmen. Today, a board of trustees continues to care for the land and provide opportunities for education and exploration. The Fontenelle Forest Guild has expanded to offer programs for all ages, including several camps, clubs and weekly events.

Joel Schlessinger’s donation will give area children the chance to explore Nebraska’s forests.

Each year, the Guild holds a gala called Feather Our Nest, a benefit that helps raise money for the park’s youth programs. The proceeds help give over 40,000 area children the opportunity to “walk in the woods, wade through prairie grasses, [and] see animals in the wild.” The theme this year is “Farm to Table,” and it will showcase local ingredients and the talents of some of the area’s finest chefs.

To learn more about the Fontenelle Forest and make a donation of your own, visit their site.

Joel Schlessinger donates to the DC West Schools Post-Prom Party

Prom is a milestone event in any high school student’s career. While schools strive to put on a fun event with great music and dancing, many schools are also looking for ways to provide safe activities after the dance is over. After parties give students a fun and safe environment to enjoy and Joel Schlessinger has chosen to help DC West Community Schools put on their after prom party this year.

The donation from Joel Schlessinger will support the after prom party on April 18.

DC West High School will be holding their dance and post-prom party on Saturday, April 18. The event is open to all seniors and juniors at DC West High School, which is located in Valley, NE. Following the dance, all students are invited to the Post-Prom Party organized by parents and volunteers.

The goal of the event is to provide a safe environment where students can continue to enjoy their night. The event will be held at the VFW and all students who attended prom are welcome to attend. To help put on this event, parents are asking for donations of time, food, auction items and money.

Auction items have been donated by supporters such as Joel Schlessinger.

This year’s party will include a meal with soups and desserts as well as an auction. Not only will students have a hot meal after the dance, they will also have the chance to win prizes that have been donated by members of the community such as Joel Schlessinger.

Joel Schlessinger enjoys donating to causes that support students including the Westridge Elementary school carnival and the Mount Michael annual fundraiser.

Joel Schlessinger donates to the Basset & Beagle Rescue of the Heartland

The owners of a wonderful pug named Emmy, Joel Schlessinger and his family are long-time supporters of local and national groups that help bring dogs and loving families together. This year, Joel Schlessinger’s donation to the Basset & Beagle Rescue of the Heartland went toward their annual Souper Bingo benefit.

BBRH helps rescue and find homes for dogs in the Midwest.

A non-profit organization, the BBRH serves pets and their owners in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. The group is devoted to rescuing and rehoming bassets and beagles that have been abandoned or placed for adoption. The group also helps organize foster homes for pets while they wait to be placed with families.

BBRH also focuses on education of these breeds as well as responsible pet ownership. They help families learn how to care for their pets and the specific needs of these breeds. Families can visit their site to see dogs that are available for adoption in their area.

Joel Schlessinger’s donation to the Souper Bingo benefit will help raise money for the organization.

Each year, the BBRH holds a fundraiser to raise awareness about pet adoption as well as funds for the organization. This year the Souper Bingo event included a soup meal, bingo games, raffles and a silent auction. Joel Schlessinger donated a Silk Peel certificate to be auctioned off during the event.

The money raised during this event helps provide medical services for the bassets and beagles that are rescued by the group. BBRH provides heartworm tests, flea and tick prevention services, vaccinations as well as spay and neuter procedures for the animals. All of these treatments allow the dogs to be adopted into caring and loving homes.

To learn more about this group and to see the dogs that are available for adoption, visit their site.