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OneWorld Community Health Centers thanks Joel Schlessinger for his donation

Joel Schlessinger made two generous donations to the OneWorld Community Health Centers‘ 2013 Milagro Dinner. He contributed a LovelySkin gift certificate and a Pellevé Eye Treatment to be included in the dinner’s silent auction. The event organizers sent him a nice letter thanking him for his donations.

Donations like the one made by Joel Schlessinger will benefit families who cannot afford quality health care.

The donation made by Joel Schlessinger will help low-income families in the Omaha area have access to quality, affordable health care. OneWorld Community Health Center provides medical, dental, behavioral health services and medicine to those who need it most.

The organization’s annual Milagro Dinner is a night that recognizes outstanding volunteers who have dedicated their time to helping the Omaha community. This year, the dinner will be held on Thursday, November 14, at the Historic Livestock Exchange Building. All proceeds for this event will go to support the future of the organization.

Joel Schlessinger is proud to support such a great cause.

As a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Joel Schlessinger knows the importance of affordable health care. This is his second year donating to the Milagro Dinner. He is a strong supporter of easily accessible services for everyone, even if they cannot afford it.

To learn more about Joel Schlessinger’s donation, read the blog post. If you would like to make a donation of your own, visit the OneWorld Community Health Centers’ website.

Joel Schlessinger supports OneWorld Community Health Centers

Joel Schlessinger recently made two donations to the OneWorld Community Health Centers‘ 2013 Milagro Dinner. This is the second consecutive year he has supported the annual event. The donations include a $50 LovelySkin gift card and a gift certificate for a Pellevé eye treatment, a $350 value. These items will be included in a silent auction to raise money for OneWorld Community Health Centers.

This organization’s mission to provide easily accessible health care for those in need is important to Joel Schlessinger.

OneWorld Community Health Centers is a non-profit organization that aims to provide affordable, high-quality health care to people who may fall through the cracks due to a low income or lack of insurance. As a board-certified dermatologist, Joel Schlessinger recognizes the importance of quality health care. He is a strong supporter of easily accessible health care for all people, regardless of their economic status.

The annual Milagro Dinner is a special event that recognizes exceptional volunteers who have shown a commitment to the Omaha community. This dinner also raises money to support OneWorld Community Health Centers’ future.

Joel Schlessinger and his family are strong supporters of the Omaha community.

Over the years, Joel Schlessinger and his family have donated to several organizations that help people in need. He has supported local organizations like United Way of the Midlands, Completely Kids and Heartland Family Service.

Visit the organization’s website to learn more about OneWorld Community Health Centers’ mission or to make a donation.

10-05 Emmy family at pugoween (3)

Halloween isn’t just for humans. Even man’s best friend wants to join the festivities. This year, Pug Partners of Nebraska will hold the fifth annual Pug-O-Ween, Omaha’s largest gathering for the adorable breed. Joel Schlessinger, his family and their pug, Emmy, love to attend this popular fall attraction every year.

This event is a great way for dog lovers like Joel Schlessinger to celebrate their furry friends.

Pug-O-Ween will be held on Sunday, October 27 from 12 to 4 p.m. at the National Guard Armory in Omaha. The event will feature a costume contest, a silent auction, pug races, a kissing booth and raffle prizes. To show their support, Joel Schlessinger and his wife, Nancy, have donated a gift certificate for a free SilkPeel to the silent auction. All proceeds will go to support the Pug Partners of Nebraska’s mission.

Pug Partners of Nebraska is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing pugs and helping them find a forever home. This organization hosts several events throughout the year, including sponsored walks and meet and greets.

This organization’s mission hits close to home for Joel Schlessinger and his family.

Joel Schlessinger has been a proud supporter of pug rescues and other events in the Midwest ever since he and his family adopted one of their own. Pug-O-Ween, Joel Schlessinger says, is a great way for people to meet fellow dog owners while highlighting the tough issues that accompany ill or mistreated pugs. The whole family enjoys helping non-profit organizations save the loveable breed.

Tickets for this year’s event are $8 for adults and $4 for children 12 and under. All dog breeds can get in for free. For more information on Pug Partners of Nebraska, visit the organization’s website.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger donates to homeless man who returned backpack with $42KDr. Joel Schlessinger recently donated to an online fundraiser, praising the honesty of a homeless man who returned a backpack that was filled with $42,000.

Glen James, a homeless man from Boston, Mass., found an abandoned bag in front of a department store. The bag contained $2,400 in cash and $39,500 in travelers’ checks. He flagged down police and turned in the bag. The money was returned to its owner.

Ethan Whittington started an online fundraiser to award James and his efforts. People who have donated to the fundraiser are touched by Glen James’s honesty, including Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

“This is such a feel-good story,” said Dr. Joel Schlessinger. “What incredible honesty!”

The money will be given to James after the fundraiser ends. It has been discussed that James will be assisted by a financial planner, but ultimately that choice is up to James.

You can also donate to Glen James at the GoFundMe website.

What would you do if you found $42,000 in a backpack? Share your answer in the comments below.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger contributes to a successful ALS golf tournament

Dr. Joel Schlessinger donated sunscreen for participants in the ALS golf tournament fundraiser.

Thanks to Dr. Joel Schlessinger, the participants in the ALS in the Heartland Bob Hohn Memorial Golf Classic received top-notch protection against the hot summer sun. Dr. Schlessinger donated 250 samples of EltaMD sunscreen to the golfers to be used during the annual fundraiser.

The Bob Hohn Memorial Golf Tournament is held each year to raise money for ALS in the Heartland. This event brings together families and individuals who are dedicated to providing services to those affected by ALS. This year, the tournament was held on Friday, June 28 in Omaha. Read more about this event on Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s blog.

Thanks to donors such as Dr. Joel Schlessinger, ALS in the Heartland continues to serve families in the Omaha area.

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects thousands of people in the Nebraska and Iowa area. Patients require care, support and other services that ALS in the Heartland helps provide.

ALS in the Heartland is a non-profit organization that provides services to individuals and families affected by ALS. They also provide education and information about this disease to spread awareness and raise support to fight this disease.

Find out how you can support this organization by visiting their website.

Joel Schlessinger MD donates sunscreen samples for the ALS golf tournament

Joel Schlessinger MD is spreading awareness about sun protection through his donation to the ALS group.

Summer is here which means that, as the weather warms up, more and more people are getting outside and playing golf, a seasonal summer favorite. For many golfers, the ALS in the Heartland Bob Hohn Memorial Golf Classic is the perfect opportunity to both support a local non-profit and enjoy a game of golf.

In support of this event, Joel Schlessinger MD has donated 250 samples of EltaMD sunscreen to participants who will be spending the day in the hot summer sun.

Joel Schlessinger MD is a proud supporter of ALS in the Heartland, a non-profit group.

ALS in the Heartland is dedicated to providing patients, families and caregivers affected by ALS with quality care and support. This organization provides education, information and services to patients in Nebraska and western Iowa. Not only do they provide support for those affected by ALS, they are also dedicated to spreading awareness and raising support for the fight against this disease.

To raise money for their programs, ALS in the Heartland is holding the Bob Hohn Memorial Golf Classic. This year, the tournament will be held on Friday, June 28 in Omaha. The proceeds from this event go toward providing services and care to ALS patients throughout Nebraska and Iowa.

For participants of the tournament, Joel Schlessinger MD has donated samples of advanced sunscreens.

Thanks to Joel Schlessinger MD, the golfers at the memorial tournament will have sunscreen samples available to help them protect themselves against the hot summer sun. These EltaMD sunscreens provide exceptional sun protection in a variety of formulas to meet anyone’s needs. Golfers can enjoy these samples while they spend the day raising money and awareness for ALS.

To learn more about ALS in the Heartland or to learn how to register for the tournament, visit their website.

Joel Schlessinger contributes to the Friedel Jewish Academy silent auction fundraiser

Joel Schlessinger supports children’s education through the Friedel Jewish Academy.

Friedel Jewish Academy, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience for young children. This program integrates general and Jewish studies into their curriculum to encourage a strong Jewish identity as well as educational excellence.

Founded in 1964, Friedel Jewish Academy serves children in grades kindergarten to sixth grade from all different backgrounds. Students experience education in the Hebrew language, Jewish studies, music, art, physical education as well as general studies.

Joel Schlessinger and his family support the organization’s vision of encouraging well-rounded students who are dedicated to community involvement and developing strong relationships.

Through donations to the annual fundraiser, Joel Schlessinger supports the school’s educational mission.

At the Annual Tribute Dinner, individuals in the Omaha community gather to raise money for the academy. During this fundraiser, a silent auction is held to raise money for the continuation of the General Education and Jewish Studies programs at the school. This year, the Tribute Dinner will be held on Sunday, May 19th.

For the 2013 Annual Tribute Dinner silent auction, Joel Schlessinger has donated a gift certificate for a SilkPeel at the LovelySkin spa. This certificate will be auctioned off and all of the proceeds will go to the students and faculty at the school.

Joel Schlessinger continues to support the development of the Jewish community in Omaha.

Joel Schlessinger and his family not only support education for young children, they also support individuals of all ages of the Jewish community. Read about his recent donation to the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, a long-term care facility to elderly men and women, here.

To learn more about the Friedel Jewish Academy, visit their website.

Joel Schlessinger MD donates gift certificate to the Omaha Community Playhouse fundraiser

Joel Schlessinger is a proud supporter of the Omaha Community Playhouse.

As one of the largest community theatres in the United States, the Omaha Community Playhouse brings the art of theatre and drama to a large audience in the Omaha area. The two performance spaces present dozens of plays each year and bring together individuals of the community. Joel Schlessinger and his family continue to support this organization not only with donations, but also by attending many of the productions.

Every season, over 2,000 volunteers participate in the Playhouse productions which include children’s plays, musicals, dramas and mysteries. These volunteers are dedicated to providing top-quality performances for their audiences.

To raise money for the playhouse, Joel Schlessinger donates to the annual Community Playhouse fundraiser.

The Omaha Community Playhouse hosts an annual fundraiser where attendees can enjoy food, performances and a silent auction. All of the proceeds raised during this event go toward maintaining the growth and development of the organization.

This year’s fundraiser will be held on April 6 and, to show his support for the organization’s mission, Joel Schlessinger has donated a gift certificate for a SilkPeel treatment that can be redeemed at the LovelySkin Spa. This certificate and other donations will be used during the silent auction to raise money for the playhouse.

The donation made by Joel Schlessinger will raise money for outreach and educational programs.

The Omaha Community Playhouse is dedicated to educating adults and children who are interested in the arts. The organization provides acting, voice and dance lessons as well as workshops for local elementary and high schools. Without the support of donors such as Joel Schlessinger, these programs would not be able to continue.

Learn more about the Omaha Community Playhouse on their website and read about other local art programs that Joel Schlessinger supports including Louder Than a Bomb: Omaha and The Omaha Symphony.

Joel Schlessinger's support of Girls Nite Out helps raise money for Girls Inc.

Joel Schlessinger supports Girls Inc, the sponsor of the Girls Nite Out fundraiser.

For over thirty five years, Girls Inc. has been providing young women in Omaha with opportunities to become involved in character-building activities and programs. This organization serves thousands of girls in the Omaha area by providing them with sports fields, libraries, computer labs and playgrounds where they can meet other girls and spend time with mentors.

Joel Schlessinger continues to support this organization in their effort to provide safe and educational environments for girls facing social and economic difficulties.

Joel Schlessinger’s donation to Girls Nite Out helped raise funds to keep this empowering foundation running.

This year, the Girls Nite Out fundraiser was held on January 31st with entertainment by comedian Karith Foster. During the event, donors raised over $75,000 for the Girls Inc. organization. This money will go toward after school and summer programs that provide young girls with the opportunity to become confident and responsible adults.

During the event, attendees were given the opportunity to participate in raffles and given gift bags. Joel Schlessinger donated 300 samples of skin care and beauty products to be given to the attendees at the event. You can read more about this donation on Joel Schlessinger’s blog.

Joel Schlessinger continues to support local organizations in the Omaha area.

Programs such as Girls Inc. are continuously striving to make the Omaha area a better and safer place to live. By providing a healthy environment, these organizations can ensure that children develop the skills they need to become successful and happy adults.

To find out more about Girls Inc. or to find out how you can donate to Girls Nite Out, visit their website. Already a proud supporter? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

Joel Schlessinger donates to Louder Than a Bomb: Omaha, a teen poetry festival

Joel Schlessinger recently made a donation to support Louder Than a Bomb: Omaha, a teen poetry festival to be held in the metro from March 18 through April 12. This literacy event focuses on self-expression and community building through poetry, storytelling and hip-hop spoken word.

The donation made by Joel Schlessinger will help Louder Than a Bomb: Omaha expand to reach more students.

Founded in 2001 by Young Chicago Authors, Louder Than a Bomb gained attention as the inspiration for a critically acclaimed documentary. Last year, the event expanded to Omaha, bringing teams of students from 12 Nebraska high schools together for a series of workshops that focused on the creation and performance of original work. The festival’s final tournament, held at Creighton University’s Harper Center Auditorium, attracted more than 500 people.

This year’s event, organized by the Nebraska Writers Collective, film director Greg Jacobs and Young Chicago Authors, will continue its mission of “bringing teens together across racial, gang and socioeconomic lines.”

Joel Schlessinger’s donation will help Louder Than a Bomb: Omaha expand to connect more students with qualified teachers and artists. For more information on this festival or to donate to the cause, visit the organization’s website.

Joel Schlessinger and his family continue to support a number of arts organizations in the Omaha area.

As long-time supporters of local arts, Joel Schlessinger and his family regularly donate to organizations, programs and performing groups from around the metro. Some of these organizations include:

Are you a strong supporter of the arts? Tell us about your recent contributions in the comments.