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Joel Schlessinger recently donated to the Transplant Games of America, a get-together of organ donors and organ transplant recipients. He received the following thank you letter from Michael Paulson, a Transplant Games of America participant:

Dr. Schlessinger,

Thank you so very much for your generosity in donating to Mike and Team Nebraska. The team had an amazing time at The Transplant Games. Thank you for your support! We sincerely appreciate your donation.

Thank you!

Michael Paulson 

The Transplant Games of America took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan this past month. Read more about Joel Schlessinger’s donation here.

Joel Schlessinger and the LovelySkin.com team recently made a donation to the V.J. & Angela Skutt Catholic High School’s annual fundraiser.

Skutt Catholic High School is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Its annual fundraiser, Angel Flight, accepts donations from select community businesses. Items donated go toward a silent auction where proceeds benefit the school’s operating expenses.

This year’s theme is Under Southern Skies: An Evening of SkyHawk Hospitality. It will take place on September 15, 2012.

Joel Schlessinger generously donated a gift certificate for a MicroPeel treatment to be redeemed at either the LovelySkin Spa or LovelySkin Spa Express.

MicroPeel is a three-step treatment that includes dermaplaning. A dermaplaning treatment leaves skin healthy, vibrant and younger-looking. To schedule a MicroPeel or a dermaplaning appointment, contact the LovelySkin Spa.

Joel Schlessinger is a strong supporter of education and is proud to help raise money for Omaha’s local schools.

To donate to Skutt Catholic High School, send your donation to the following address:

Skutt Catholic High School

3131 S. 156th Street

Omaha, NE 68130


Joel Schlessinger recently donated to the Transplant Games of America, a celebration of organ donors and organ transplants.

This athletic event celebrates life and those that have been touched by organ transplants. Donor families, transplant recipients and others who have been impacted by organ donors get together to take place in events such as basketball, golf, cycling, volleyball and more.

As a board-certified dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and pediatrician, Joel Schlessinger is happy to support the miracle of organ transplants.

“We are pleased to support Michael and the Transplant Games,” Joel Schlessinger said.  “As a supporter of organ donation myself, I think it is important for these games and the increased awareness of the huge need for organ donation in this country.”

To find out more about the Transplant Games of America, visit their website.

How have you been touched by the generosity of organ donors? 

Every year, the Millard Public Schools Foundation honors top scholars and educators at its Hall of Fame Banquet.

Joel Schlessinger generously underwrites an outstanding high school teacher with the Skin Specialist Award for Excellence in Secondary Teaching.

This year’s recipient was Tyler Berzina, a Physics and AP Physics teacher at Millard West High School.

Mr. Berzina’s instructional strategies, application of technology and variety of approaches are second to none. He also establishes excellent relationships with students and creates an inviting classroom environment.

Some of Mr. Berzina’s awards include:

  • U.S. Department of Education American Star of Teaching for Nebraska
  • Millard Public Schools Employee of the Month
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Outstanding Mentor Award
  • National Science Foundation Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science.

Tyler is grateful for the award and for Joel Schlessinger’s support of the Millard Public Schools Foundation.

“It’s so nice to know that members of our community appreciate quality education by going above and beyond in supporting awards like the Hall of Fame. Thanks Dr. Schlessinger!”

Joel Schlessinger recently made a donation to MaxInMotion, a non-profit foundation started by Jonah Shacknai that helps financially disadvantaged children in Arizona participate in organized sports.

Joel Schlessinger supports this non-profit organization whole-heartedly.

“I was pleased to see that this charity was started for financially disadvantaged children as this is something that can make a huge difference in a child’s life,” said Joel Schlessinger.

This new non-profit organization started on June 7 in memory of Max Shacknai, Jonah Shacknai’s 6-year old son that passed away in July 2011.

“This is a great way to keep the memory alive of a young man that I knew and respected. Max Shacknai was a vivacious and intelligent child who would have loved to have seen this.”

MaxInMotion will provide children with opportunities to learn valuable life lessons such as teamwork, commitment, health and fitness. The foundation will work with other non-profit organizations that enroll children in athletics regardless of ethnicity, special needs or socioeconomic status.

In a time of tremendous cuts to school programs, Jonah Shacknai believes this organization will serve a dire need in many communities where children have limited opportunities.

Interested in making a difference in a young child’s life? Make a donation in honor of Max Shacknai to MaxInMotion today.

Joel Schlessinger donates free treatments to help raise funds for Computers for Africa, a publicly supported charity.    

Students in Africa want computers and access to the Internet so that they can, among other reasons:

  • Find employment
  • Conduct research
  • Enjoy access to free newspapers
  • Communicate with others
  • Improve academic performance

For more information directly from affected people in Africa, watch this YouTube video. To help raise funds for this worthwhile endeavor, Joel Schlessinger donates free treatments to Computers for Africa that are auctioned off.

Computers for Africa addresses this lack of resources in schools located in the northern Ugandan regions of Gulu and Lira.

With this charity, 95% of every dollar donated goes directed towards creating computer labs for students and providing related services to beneficiaries. Here are dollar amounts attached to specific items and services:

  • $35 creates two refurbished computer systems
  • $50 gives 14 students access to computer education and the Internet all through high school
  • $100 provides 50 hours of PC repair training for a teacher
  • $200 connects a CFA lab to the Internet
  • $350 creates a complete 20-computer lab
  • $1800 gives an African school a “new” lab, sets it up, trains the teacher in PC maintenance and repair, installs the Internet and provides Internet workshops for all the teachers

Volunteers in Omaha, Nebraska hold a community day every six weeks or so to prepare the computers for their recipients.

From testing hardware (monitors, hard drives and more) to loading operating systems, and sorting and cleaning used keyboards; and from assembling boxes and loading them with refurbished PC systems and preparing them for mailing, these volunteers do invaluable work.

Joel Schlessinger touches lives in communities around the world, including in Haiti.

The doctor and his family have been on two mission trips to Haiti after the devastating earthquake, helping out through his medical expertise and the entire family’s passion for assisting others.

The doctor and his family provided Haitian teens with an item we take for granted: shoes.

When the Schlessingers toured the Citadel, 13-year-old Jimmy tagged along as an unofficial Haitian guide. Jimmy spoke English very well and, at the end of the tour, he asked if they had any shoes. Jimmy was wearing old sandals and his friend was barefooted.

Fortunately, the doctor had thought ahead and actually purchased sneakers in case anyone needed them. If Jimmy would stop by the hospital, the Schlessingers would give him the new shoes.

Joel Schlessinger went into the hospital to assist with an ill nun, who’d had a small stroke or was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

While he made sure the nun was transported to the intensive care unit, Nancy, his wife, handed out all of the extra clothing they had to people who needed them.

Jimmy hadn’t shown up yet to pick up his shoes but, as the Schlessinger family was leaving the hospital, he walked up to them. He’d been in an accident and had injured his wrist and shoulder. The doctor treated him with antibiotic cream and bandages, while Nancy gifted him with new shoes. Their son, Daniel, gave Jimmy his own pair of shoes to give to Jimmy’s friend – who had no shoes at all.

Joel Schlessinger has been involved in the Omaha Symphony for 20 years now in multiple key ways. 

Omaha Symphony

Although Joel Schlessinger played clarinet for 7 years, from third grade until high school, he readily admits that he was never meant for glory! He does, however, admire the wonderful efforts of the many dedicated musicians of the Omaha Symphony. He also supports the work they do by serving on the board of the Omaha Symphony and advertising in their program.

The doctor has been a board member of the Omaha Symphony since 2009.

During this time, the board has been active in fundraising efforts and the recruitment of the director, James Johnson. Additionally, a successful contract negotiation and the recruitment of key staff members have occurred while the doctor has been on the board.

The symphony does more than create music, though; the staff also provides outreach services to schools. Read on for information about these programs.

Music makes an immeasurable impact on youth.

Music, according to the Omaha Symphony, “has the power to transform lives, facilitate change, inspire greatness, and create community.” In the 2007/2008 season alone, the symphony programming reached more than 35,000 youth.

Through outreach, the symphony provides pre-concert preparation packets to students; faciliates an interactive learning environment where students sing classical music, create sculptures and more; collaborates with like-minded organizations to bring art to students; and much more.

Find even more specifics about the symphony’s educational program, “Adventures in Music!” This page also includes statistics about how music education is a huge plus for children.

According to Joel Schlessinger, “I truly enjoy my involvement with our symphony.”

“My kids, Claire and Daniel, both have been involved in school band, and orchestral music has always been a part of my life. The fact that this symphony plays such an active role in our community, mentoring and performing both in Omaha and out of state, is a joy for me to see. It has been my honor to meet the many talented and professional musicians who comprise the Omaha Symphony.”

Joel Schlessinger participates in the fight against cancer in many different ways.

From running in races to raise funds for breast cancer research to donating a percentage of sales to support research, Joel Schlessinger and his office staff find numerous ways to do their part.

Over the past 8 years, the doctor, his family and his staff have run in fundraising races, fielding teams of up to 25 runners. “This is a personal matter for many of my employees,” he said, “as they have family members who have been affected by this terrible disease.”

The doctor also chooses a day each year when 10% of LovelySkin sales go to breast cancer research. They company also sells products with the pink ribbon during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where manufacturers donate a certain percentage of “pink product” sales to research.

The doctor also plays a role in cancer prevention through educational means.

In 2011, Joel Schlessinger announced that, according to his research, teenagers are developing skin cancer at younger ages, saying that “teens feel a certain immunity to skin cancer due to their youth, and fail to protect themselves from the sun using the right clothing and sunscreen.” He frequently speaks out about the need for appropriate sunscreen usage.

When asked by Dermatology Times how much sun is needed to get enough vitamin D, the doctor advises people to avoid any unnecessary exposure because of the increased risk of skin cancer, adding that “Unless patients live in fairly desperate northern climes, enough vitamin D is taken in via dietary and solar exposure in everyday living.”

Joel Schlessinger does more than organize the annual Cosmetic Surgery Forum. He also covers the costs of multiple residents to attend.

Cosmetic Surgery Forum
Starting in 2009, Joel Schlessinger began holding an annual Cosmetic Surgery Forum in Las Vegas. This conference is a multi-specialty educational event that features the latest news in research, treatment and techniques in the areas of dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

The doctor strongly believes that quality continuing education is essential for people specializing in cosmetic dermatology and surgery. He also understands that not every resident has the resources to attend the conference. So, in 2009, Joel Schlessinger covered the costs of 35 residents – meaning that he paid for their air fare, hotel bill and food, so they could benefit from the seminars offered.

In 2010, he went a step further, sponsoring 50 residents and covering their expenses. In 2011, he sponsored 75 residents. “These people are the future of dermatology and cosmetic surgery,” Joel Schlessinger said. “So I decided to make the highly unusual move of taking money that I generated to pay for them to attend the forum.”

Here is a glimpse at the types of seminars offered at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum.

In the 2011 Cosmetic Surgery Forum, topics covered included:

  • Starting a New Practice
  • Defending Your Online Reputation
  • Fat: Lasers/Lipo/Ultrasound/Injection – What Works?
  • Unique Approaches to Common Dermatology Problems
  • The Vampire Lift

A focus of the 2012 conference is the use of injections, lasers and peels, with live demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities.

Here is what one attendee has to say about the conference organized by Joel Schlessinger.

“I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing conference this past weekend. It was the most amazing and valuable conference I’ve ever been to. Most of all, I loved that a resident is able to offer insight and foster communication/education without fear of ridicule. I feel very blessed that I have been included these past three years and because of it, I am completely inspired and motivated by you and the other amazing presenters.” Jason Joel Emer, MD