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Joel Schlessinger donates free treatments to benefit Computers for Africa.

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Joel Schlessinger donates free treatments to help raise funds for Computers for Africa, a publicly supported charity.    

Students in Africa want computers and access to the Internet so that they can, among other reasons:

  • Find employment
  • Conduct research
  • Enjoy access to free newspapers
  • Communicate with others
  • Improve academic performance

For more information directly from affected people in Africa, watch this YouTube video. To help raise funds for this worthwhile endeavor, Joel Schlessinger donates free treatments to Computers for Africa that are auctioned off.

Computers for Africa addresses this lack of resources in schools located in the northern Ugandan regions of Gulu and Lira.

With this charity, 95% of every dollar donated goes directed towards creating computer labs for students and providing related services to beneficiaries. Here are dollar amounts attached to specific items and services:

  • $35 creates two refurbished computer systems
  • $50 gives 14 students access to computer education and the Internet all through high school
  • $100 provides 50 hours of PC repair training for a teacher
  • $200 connects a CFA lab to the Internet
  • $350 creates a complete 20-computer lab
  • $1800 gives an African school a “new” lab, sets it up, trains the teacher in PC maintenance and repair, installs the Internet and provides Internet workshops for all the teachers

Volunteers in Omaha, Nebraska hold a community day every six weeks or so to prepare the computers for their recipients.

From testing hardware (monitors, hard drives and more) to loading operating systems, and sorting and cleaning used keyboards; and from assembling boxes and loading them with refurbished PC systems and preparing them for mailing, these volunteers do invaluable work.

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