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Joel Schlessinger generously supports new dermatology residents. Here is more.

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Joel Schlessinger does more than organize the annual Cosmetic Surgery Forum. He also covers the costs of multiple residents to attend.

Cosmetic Surgery Forum
Starting in 2009, Joel Schlessinger began holding an annual Cosmetic Surgery Forum in Las Vegas. This conference is a multi-specialty educational event that features the latest news in research, treatment and techniques in the areas of dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

The doctor strongly believes that quality continuing education is essential for people specializing in cosmetic dermatology and surgery. He also understands that not every resident has the resources to attend the conference. So, in 2009, Joel Schlessinger covered the costs of 35 residents – meaning that he paid for their air fare, hotel bill and food, so they could benefit from the seminars offered.

In 2010, he went a step further, sponsoring 50 residents and covering their expenses. In 2011, he sponsored 75 residents. “These people are the future of dermatology and cosmetic surgery,” Joel Schlessinger said. “So I decided to make the highly unusual move of taking money that I generated to pay for them to attend the forum.”

Here is a glimpse at the types of seminars offered at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum.

In the 2011 Cosmetic Surgery Forum, topics covered included:

  • Starting a New Practice
  • Defending Your Online Reputation
  • Fat: Lasers/Lipo/Ultrasound/Injection – What Works?
  • Unique Approaches to Common Dermatology Problems
  • The Vampire Lift

A focus of the 2012 conference is the use of injections, lasers and peels, with live demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities.

Here is what one attendee has to say about the conference organized by Joel Schlessinger.

“I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing conference this past weekend. It was the most amazing and valuable conference I’ve ever been to. Most of all, I loved that a resident is able to offer insight and foster communication/education without fear of ridicule. I feel very blessed that I have been included these past three years and because of it, I am completely inspired and motivated by you and the other amazing presenters.” Jason Joel Emer, MD

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