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Joel Schlessinger touches lives in communities around the world: Haiti.

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Joel Schlessinger touches lives in communities around the world, including in Haiti.

The doctor and his family have been on two mission trips to Haiti after the devastating earthquake, helping out through his medical expertise and the entire family’s passion for assisting others.

The doctor and his family provided Haitian teens with an item we take for granted: shoes.

When the Schlessingers toured the Citadel, 13-year-old Jimmy tagged along as an unofficial Haitian guide. Jimmy spoke English very well and, at the end of the tour, he asked if they had any shoes. Jimmy was wearing old sandals and his friend was barefooted.

Fortunately, the doctor had thought ahead and actually purchased sneakers in case anyone needed them. If Jimmy would stop by the hospital, the Schlessingers would give him the new shoes.

Joel Schlessinger went into the hospital to assist with an ill nun, who’d had a small stroke or was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

While he made sure the nun was transported to the intensive care unit, Nancy, his wife, handed out all of the extra clothing they had to people who needed them.

Jimmy hadn’t shown up yet to pick up his shoes but, as the Schlessinger family was leaving the hospital, he walked up to them. He’d been in an accident and had injured his wrist and shoulder. The doctor treated him with antibiotic cream and bandages, while Nancy gifted him with new shoes. Their son, Daniel, gave Jimmy his own pair of shoes to give to Jimmy’s friend – who had no shoes at all.

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