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Joel Schlessinger supports Urban Arts Partnership and education of the arts

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Joel Schlessinger and Skin Specialists support Urban Arts Partnership and education of the arts

Joel Schlessinger’s contribution will help provide opportunities for children to explore the arts.

A $250 donation to Urban Arts Partnership has been offered for the second year in a row to show Joel Schlessinger’s support of the group’s mission. He often donates to various arts groups both locally and nationally, including non-profit and professional organizations. Dr. Schlessinger believes it’s important to continue to support the arts and is especially interested in the mission of Urban Arts Partnership. The New York City-based non-profit was founded in 1991 on the belief that art is essential to human development, education and culture. Urban Arts Partnership supports impoverished schools and communities throughout New York City.  Programs include theater, playwriting, animated video production, film, fashion, music, instrument building, dance, poetry and more. This organization uses these programs to improve students’ test scores, create an innovative approach to special education, equip teachers with necessary tools to bring artistic skills to the classroom and encourage family engagement.

Joel Schlessinger’s donation is connected with an annual event called the 24-Hour Plays on Broadway. Last year, more than $34,000 was raised for Urban Arts Partnership through ticket sales and contributions. The organization hopes to raise even more this year to continue providing students the opportunity to take part in the programs listed above. Without donations like those received during this event, Urban Arts Partnership wouldn’t be able to continue its mission.

Donations like Joel Schlessinger’s are celebrated though the 24-Hour Plays on Broadway event.

This event is centered on performances from twenty-four actors, six writers and six directors, many of them with notable backgrounds in Hollywood. These professionals put their sanity and reputations on the line by performing six short plays written and rehearsed in just one day. Actors participating in this year’s performances include Jason Biggs (Orange Is The New Black), Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live), Diane Neal (Law & Order: SVU) and more. This year, the theatrical event is taking place on Monday, November 18.

Learn more about this organization by visiting their website or viewing this student-made video. You can also donate now to support this organization and its mission of encouraging students to embrace the arts.

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