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Joel Schlessinger donates to OneWorld Community Health Centers

Posted by Joel Schlessinger in Community

Joel Schlessinger recently made a $50 donation to the OneWorld Community Health Centers‘s annual Milagro Dinner.

OneWorld Community Health Centers is a non-profit organization that provides quality health care to people who may fall through the cracks due to their economic status. This empowering organization helped more than 22,000 individuals in over 89,000 encounters in 2011.

The annual Milagro Dinner is a special event that recognizes outstanding volunteers as well as raises money for the future of the organization.

Joel Schlessinger is a strong supporter of non-profit organizations and particularly those that impact the health care industry. As a board certified dermatologist and pediatrician, Joel Schlessinger feels strongly about easily accessible health care for all people.

The donation made by Joel Schlessinger will help raise money for OneWorld Community Health Centers so more people can have access to quality, culturally respectful health care.

All donations are welcomed – donate to OneWorld Community Health Centers here.

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