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Joel Schlessinger donates to the 2015 Brownell-Talbot School Gala

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Joel Schlessinger donates to the 2015 Brownell-Talbot School Gala

Many private schools in the Omaha area rely on participation and donations from members of the community. Joel Schlessinger and his family continue to donate their time and efforts to many schools and education programs in Omaha. This year, Joel Schlessinger made a donation to the Brownell-Talbot’s school gala to raise money for their upcoming academic year.

Joel Schlessinger’s donation helped raise money for this privately funded school.

For this year’s gala, Joel Schlessinger donated a skin treatment as well as a basket filled with skin care products. The donations were used in an auction that helped raise money for the school’s general budget as well as services for the students. This year, the gala helped raised $513,000 for the school.

Located in Omaha, the Brownell-Talbot school is the only school in Nebraska that receives no government or religious funding. The school depends entirely on private donations for financial support. Each year, the school raises money during their gala event, which features live and silent auctions as well as other events.

Brownell-Talbot is just one of the schools that Joel Schlessinger supports.

Founded in 1863, Brownell-Talbot consists of lower, middle and upper schools with students from preschool through high school. The college preparatory school strives to provide their students with focused learning in academics and the arts.

Brownell-Talbot works to improve students’ critical thinking, decision making skills and self-awareness through a rigorous curriculum and a wide range of activities. They also focus on instilling students with a desire to serve their community and meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

Over the years, Joel Schlessinger has supported other schools including DC West High School and Westridge Elementary School.Find out more about Brownell-Talbot and how you can support them by visiting their website.

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