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Joel Schlessinger donates to the Transplant Games of America, an athletic event that celebrates organ transplants and organ donors

Posted by Joel Schlessinger in Community

Joel Schlessinger recently donated to the Transplant Games of America, a celebration of organ donors and organ transplants.

This athletic event celebrates life and those that have been touched by organ transplants. Donor families, transplant recipients and others who have been impacted by organ donors get together to take place in events such as basketball, golf, cycling, volleyball and more.

As a board-certified dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and pediatrician, Joel Schlessinger is happy to support the miracle of organ transplants.

“We are pleased to support Michael and the Transplant Games,” Joel Schlessinger said.  “As a supporter of organ donation myself, I think it is important for these games and the increased awareness of the huge need for organ donation in this country.”

To find out more about the Transplant Games of America, visit their website.

How have you been touched by the generosity of organ donors? 

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