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Joel Schlessinger makes a donation to the Fontenelle Forest Feather Our Nest event

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Fontenelle Forest

Joel Schlessinger is happy to support organizations like Fontenelle Forest that make Omaha more beautiful. This year, he has donated a LovelySkin Spa gift card to Fontenelle Forest’s annual benefit, Feather Our Nest, on April 24, 2015 at the Omar Bakery Building.

Fontenelle Forest provides unique opportunities for people of all ages to experience nature.

Fontenelle Forest, located just south of Omaha, is one of Nebraska’s largest deciduous forests. The park’s long history of preservation and conservation began in 1913 when it was first officially formed by area scholars and businessmen. Today, a board of trustees continues to care for the land and provide opportunities for education and exploration. The Fontenelle Forest Guild has expanded to offer programs for all ages, including several camps, clubs and weekly events.

Joel Schlessinger’s donation will give area children the chance to explore Nebraska’s forests.

Each year, the Guild holds a gala called Feather Our Nest, a benefit that helps raise money for the park’s youth programs. The proceeds help give over 40,000 area children the opportunity to “walk in the woods, wade through prairie grasses, [and] see animals in the wild.” The theme this year is “Farm to Table,” and it will showcase local ingredients and the talents of some of the area’s finest chefs.

To learn more about the Fontenelle Forest and make a donation of your own, visit their site.

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