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Joel Schlessinger MD donates to NET Nebraska Television.

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Joel Schlessinger MD donates to NET Nebraska Television.Building a strong community and supporting programs that benefit the people of Nebraska are important to Joel Schlessinger MD. His recent donation to NET Television, Nebraska’s PBS and NPR Stations, goes a long way in developing the communication and connections between the communities of Nebraska.

The mission of NET is to engage the people of Nebraska and to celebrate the diverse cultures and experiences of the state. NET strives for high quality content that encourages service to others to foster diverse and motivated individuals.

NET sponsors Nebraska’s Public Broadcasting Station that brings educational programs into people’s homes. This station features popular favorites such as “NOVA,” “Antiques Roadshow” and “Masterpiece Theatre” as well as local programs such as “Nebraska Stories” and local news.

NET also sponsors the National Public Radio which brings the latest news and classic music to the community. This station reaches nearly every Nebraskan community to connect individuals and spread information quickly.

As a non-profit organization, NET relies on the support of the community and individuals. The donation made by Joel Schlessinger MD helps Nebraska’s PBS and NPR stations bring educational, entertaining and inspiring content to the community. This donation helps fund programs that celebrate the history and culture of Nebraska including “Standing Bear’s Footsteps” and “Rosenblatt: The Final Inning.”

Joel Schlessinger enjoys donating to many local organizations and institutions such as Completely Kids, Rose Blumkin Jewish Home and Bellevue University. Visit their websites and the NET Nebraska site to support these local programs.

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