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Joel Schlessinger supports Girls Nite Out to help raise money for Girls Inc.

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Joel Schlessinger's support of Girls Nite Out helps raise money for Girls Inc.

Joel Schlessinger supports Girls Inc, the sponsor of the Girls Nite Out fundraiser.

For over thirty five years, Girls Inc. has been providing young women in Omaha with opportunities to become involved in character-building activities and programs. This organization serves thousands of girls in the Omaha area by providing them with sports fields, libraries, computer labs and playgrounds where they can meet other girls and spend time with mentors.

Joel Schlessinger continues to support this organization in their effort to provide safe and educational environments for girls facing social and economic difficulties.

Joel Schlessinger’s donation to Girls Nite Out helped raise funds to keep this empowering foundation running.

This year, the Girls Nite Out fundraiser was held on January 31st with entertainment by comedian Karith Foster. During the event, donors raised over $75,000 for the Girls Inc. organization. This money will go toward after school and summer programs that provide young girls with the opportunity to become confident and responsible adults.

During the event, attendees were given the opportunity to participate in raffles and given gift bags. Joel Schlessinger donated 300 samples of skin care and beauty products to be given to the attendees at the event. You can read more about this donation on Joel Schlessinger’s blog.

Joel Schlessinger continues to support local organizations in the Omaha area.

Programs such as Girls Inc. are continuously striving to make the Omaha area a better and safer place to live. By providing a healthy environment, these organizations can ensure that children develop the skills they need to become successful and happy adults.

To find out more about Girls Inc. or to find out how you can donate to Girls Nite Out, visit their website. Already a proud supporter? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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