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Joel Schlessinger’s daughter continues work with organization in Rwanda

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Joel Schlessinger's daughter continues work with organization in Rwanda

Claire Schlessinger, daughter of Joel Schlessinger, follows her dream of helping those in need.

While Joel Schlessinger and his family continue to lend their support for local organizations within Nebraska, they also believe in taking their skills and knowledge to individuals in need all over the world. Currently, Joel Schlessinger’s daughter Claire is in Rwanda working with the peace-building organization Never Again Rwanda (NAR) to inspire youth to work towards change in the region.

Joel Schlessinger and his family support NAR which empowers the youth to help create lasting and sustainable peace.

NAR was founded in response to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda during which hundreds of thousands of individuals lost their lives. Conflicts between the Tutsi and Hutu, two ethnic groups of the region, left the country of Rwanda with a decreased population as well as lingering social and economic problems.

The organization recognizes the power the youth has to rebuild Rwanda and strengthen relationships. NAR is a non-profit organization that uses programs to encourage the young people of Rwanda to become involved in their communities and continuously strive for economic and social development.

Claire, a senior in college, works with NAR to study the causes and reasons behind the conflict as well as how to prevent these events from recurring. The group also studies the issues of human rights, democracy, justice, socio-economic development and peace-building efforts within the area.

Both Joel Schlessinger and his daughter have traveled abroad to help victims of disasters.

Joel Schlessinger, who has traveled to Haiti, understands the importance of dedicating time and effort to those affected by disasters and conflict. “I am so proud of her for following her passion to help others.”

While in Haiti, Joel Schlessinger used his medical training to help individuals who were affected by the 2010 earthquake. Read about his experience in his blog.

Find out more about NAR and its programs by visiting www.NeverAgainRwanda.org.

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