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Joel Schlessinger: deeply involved with the Omaha Symphony for twenty years.

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Joel Schlessinger has been involved in the Omaha Symphony for 20 years now in multiple key ways. 

Omaha Symphony

Although Joel Schlessinger played clarinet for 7 years, from third grade until high school, he readily admits that he was never meant for glory! He does, however, admire the wonderful efforts of the many dedicated musicians of the Omaha Symphony. He also supports the work they do by serving on the board of the Omaha Symphony and advertising in their program.

The doctor has been a board member of the Omaha Symphony since 2009.

During this time, the board has been active in fundraising efforts and the recruitment of the director, James Johnson. Additionally, a successful contract negotiation and the recruitment of key staff members have occurred while the doctor has been on the board.

The symphony does more than create music, though; the staff also provides outreach services to schools. Read on for information about these programs.

Music makes an immeasurable impact on youth.

Music, according to the Omaha Symphony, “has the power to transform lives, facilitate change, inspire greatness, and create community.” In the 2007/2008 season alone, the symphony programming reached more than 35,000 youth.

Through outreach, the symphony provides pre-concert preparation packets to students; faciliates an interactive learning environment where students sing classical music, create sculptures and more; collaborates with like-minded organizations to bring art to students; and much more.

Find even more specifics about the symphony’s educational program, “Adventures in Music!” This page also includes statistics about how music education is a huge plus for children.

According to Joel Schlessinger, “I truly enjoy my involvement with our symphony.”

“My kids, Claire and Daniel, both have been involved in school band, and orchestral music has always been a part of my life. The fact that this symphony plays such an active role in our community, mentoring and performing both in Omaha and out of state, is a joy for me to see. It has been my honor to meet the many talented and professional musicians who comprise the Omaha Symphony.”

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