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Joel Schlessinger helps the most vulnerable: struggling women in shelters.

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Joel Schlessinger donates makeup products to women living in shelters.

Joel Schlessinger donates makeup to women living in shelters

In the United States, one in every four women (25%) experiences domestic violence. The reality is that up to 6 million women are victims every single year.

Through no fault of their own, they can find themselves in a shelter with or without their family and out of a job temporarily or permanently while they regain their lives.

Entering a shelter, though, is really just step one to a new life. Joel Schlessinger went beyond that, though. He identified a need – that these women needed to regain their confidence and ability to search for a job – and then he helped, by providing the most simple makeup supplies. Testers, samples and full sized makeup products have been donated on multiple occasions to shelters by Joel Schlessinger via his website, LovelySkin.com.

Additionally, each and every food event that is held for the staff has one condition for the caterers: Any excess food MUST be taken to a shelter that day for the women and families.

Women in shelters often need to find new jobs, and it’s important to look professional when interviewing for work.

The doctor donates makeup to women’s shelters so that its residents can look professional and regain their self-confidence when it is so important they have a good feeling about themselves as they reenter the work force. Then, once they get a new job, these women need to continue to take care of their appearance – and, once again, donation of high quality makeup products plays a key role. The doctor also donates makeup to women recovering from addictions.

This is all part of the community service and ethic of LovelySkin and Joel Schlessinger. Giving back to the community and helping women to regain their lives is one of the many ways LovelySkin and Joel Schlessinger contribute.

For more information about Joel Schlessinger and his community volunteering, see his LinkedIn profile.

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